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Engage Gold's gym members with great workout music and encourage them to take classes and personal training sessions with audio promotions.


Hey, let’s create an engaging and motivational experience at your Gold's gym together. We have created a music station and Gold's gym motivational quotes for all Gold's gyms.

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Engage members with the right music

GYM Radio is a music service, like Spotify, but licensed for gyms. We have built a GYM Radio because we believe that music is 30% of the workout experience.

We are updating all workout music stations every day to keep people engaged. Engagement during the workout sessions is the best way to increase retention and lower churn rate. People who are engaged are less likely to leave your gym because they will enjoy the workout way more.

Encourage and make a positive impact with promotions

Speak to all your members through engaging audio promotions and encourage them to take classes and personal training sessions or improve your brand awareness.

Improve your brand awareness

"Gold's Gym. A Legacy of Strength since 1965"

Motivate members with motivational quotes

"Change your body, change your life. Gold's Gym"

Promote your personal training services and classes

"Our friendly professional team is here to help and support you. Just ask - we have the answers. Gold's Gym team."

Motivate members with quotes

"Transform your life at Gold's Gym"

"Hustle for the muscle. Gold's Gym"

"Gold's gym - this is where we build your legacy of strength."

Why GYM Radio

  1. Workout music stations with daily updated music
  2. Hand-picked best workout songs
  3. Explicit filters that really work
  4. Branded audio promotions
  5. Branded motivational messages
  6. No device needed
  7. Licensed music provider for gyms

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Frequently asked questions

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  • Q: What device do I need?

    PC or Tablet. You can use your computer with the latest Chrome browser (v 71+) or an iPad with Safari to play the GYM Radio. No clunky music streaming box needed, everything works in the browser.

  • Q: Do you have an explicit filter?

    Yes, sure thing. Many songs are really motivational, but they might have F**K, B**CH or the N word in the lyrics like Eminem does. If you can't tolerate them, just use the filter. We are always trying to have the clean version but it's not always possible.

  • Q: Can I use Spotify at my gym?

    No. We love Spotify, but the answer is no, you can’t. Read the Spotify Terms - "personal, non-commercial, entertainment use only." This means it can’t be played in public places such as gyms.

    But don't worry, we have the same workout music and we are hand-picking every song to make sure it really creates the motivational experience. Our playlists often cut through different genres, which is quite unique and motivates everyone. Read more.

  • Q: How many locations from a single account?

    As many as you need. If you need to play GYM Radio in multiple locations, it is possible to do it from a single account. Contact us through the chat to activate multiple locations on your account.