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If you have any questions related to licensing or terms of service, please contact us at "info at" or use the support chat in the right corner.

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  • Q: Is it for gyms only?

    Yes. Our product is only for gyms (businesses) that can use it to play workout background music and monetize the airtime with the custom jingles and announcements.

  • Q: Can I save money on licences?

    Yes. All license fees are already included in the Pro subscription. If you are operating in several locations or paying to BMI and ASCAP directly, you might save money on licensing. It depends on your business type. All fees are already included in our Pro version. Read more about licensing.

    Monetize your airtime with audio promotions and get some license money back. Use Audio Promotions to increase the number of booked classes, training sessions or secondary sales.

  • Q: Are licensing fees included in the price?

    Yes. The public performance fees to collecting societies such as ASCAP are BMI are included for gyms subscribed to our Pro and operating in the U.S. exceptions might apply.

    If you are outside of the U.S., you must acquire a “public performance” right license, with your local collection societies (PRO), in order to use GYM Radio legally. 

    Read more!

  • Q: Do you have an explicit filter?

    Yes, sure thing. Many songs are really motivational, but they might have F**K, B**CH or the N word in the lyrics like Eminem does. If you can't tolerate them, just use the filter. We are always trying to have the clean version but it's not always possible.

  • Q: Is it for free?

    No. We have a free option tough, but it is not intended to be used in a gym as it doesn't cover the necessary licenses for the background music.

  • Q: Supported in my country?

    GYM Radio is supported in the USA, Canada, UK, and Ireland. If your country is not on that list, please let us know and we will get the necessary licenses and paperwork done so you can use it as well. Read more about licensing.

  • Q: What device do I need?

    PC or Tablet. You can use your computer with the latest Chrome browser (v 71+) or an iPad with Safari to play the GYM Radio. No clunky music streaming box needed, everything works in the browser.

  • Q: Voiceovers for my audio promotions?

    We have several professional voiceovers. Our most favorite one, you probably know from the motivational messages, is from Hollywood. Yes, he does the famous movie trailers you have seen in the cinema ;)

  • Q: Offline playback

    YES and no. We know it's important to have reliable music, especially if your internet is not stable. Therefore we are caching the randomly scheduled music to always ensure the perfect and reliable music stream even without the internet. You can't store your favorite songs offline and play them whenever you want, that's what Spotify is for - and it's not needed at a gym.

  • Q: Supported devices

    PC and Tablets. The player works in the Browser. The best-supported one is Chrome (version 71 or never) on the PC or MAC. And Safari on the iPad - just set your iPad so it never locks the screen and it works 24/7 without any problems.

  • Q: How can I play music legally at my gym?

    GYM Radio licenses all necessary rights from music rights holders whenever possible so that you don't have to. But in some countries, you must have a “public performance” right license. You can get it from your local collection societies. Read more