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We love Spotify. It is the best consumer music app that ever existed. We are using it to find new music literally every day. But there are 5 major gotchas if you are using it at your gym.

1. It can’t be used in public places, like gyms

Read the Terms of Service. They do not have a license for background music and by using it in the public places, you are going against Terms of Service.

But licenses aren't the biggest problem ..

2. Wrong music = wrong target audience

Music has a huge influence on who comes to your gym. You might leave the music selection to your receptionist, but what makes you sure that the music he or she plays actually fits your brand and attracts your preferred target audience?

3. It’s search

You always have to search for new playlists on Spotify if you want to keep people engaged and motivated. It’s hard; it’s a time-consuming and never-ending endeavor. Especially when most music playlists are not multi-genres.

4. Explicit songs

Spotify finally has an Explicit filter - yes, that is true. But use it and you get the majority of great workout songs filtered out.

5. People complaints

No matter what you do, people will always complain about the music.

How did we solve these problems?

1. All music is legal and compliant

GYM Radio is a licensed music provider for gyms and fitness facilities and all music is compliant and legal. Stop worrying about unlicensed songs at your gym.

2. Tailored music stations

We have several music stations that fit all gyms. You can easily change the type of music based on who is at the gym. Are more people running? Just play Cardio. More people lifting weights? Play the Gym station. It's simple as that.

3. Daily updated playlists

We are searching for new music every day to keep it fresh and your members engaged. We are daily updating stations with new songs that all go through our quality control. Stations are multi-genre to keep all members engaged and motivated and you can customize them to fit your brand. Plus, some songs have a quite slooow and boring start, we got rid of it to make sure all songs are just perfect.

4. Explicit but also the SOFT-Explicit filters

The soft-explicit filter is for gyms that do not mind having very occasionally words like F**K one or two times in a song. In some gyms, it just belongs there. And let’s be honest, if used right, it is motivating, take the Eminem songs as an example. If you can’t have any explicit words, use the explicit filter and you can even have kids around ;)

5. Let us handle the music complaints

We will take all the music feedback from your members through the web chat and handle all the complains and improve the music, so it fits more to your members.

So ...

you can keep using the Spotify, risking the fine for unlicensed music, wrong playlist selection, members complain and keep searching for music every day, or you can use the GYM Radio.

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