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Playing music legally at your gym in Canada


Gym music licensing in Canada

There are two licensing bodies SOCAN and Re:Sound and as a business owner, you have to pay both to play music legally at your gym. You can use the calculator on the SOCAN website to calculate the licensing costs with information for all types. Find the relevant information on the Re:Sound license page, choose the "Background music" option, not the “fitness activities” option as this option is meant for active fitness classes which need a very different licensing (read below).

Streaming music from Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, etc.

Using any of those services at your gym doesn't cover your licensing fees, even if you are using the premium versions. In fact, all of those services are for non-commercial use only and you shouldn't use them at your gym. 

Music for active gym classes

Please be aware, that background music licensing can't be used for active fitness classes. It can be used only "background music" in the open gym areas. You have to request a separated licensing where the licensing fees depend on the number of people and number of classes.


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