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Gym Marketing Campaigns: Best Gym Advertising Ideas!


In 2016, the number of gym members went up to 9 million, the highest ever! That is a lot of people wanting to get fit, right?

And so the amount of fitness centres increased equally, according to market´s demands..

Here we go today, in 2019 most of the fitness clubs have to compete between each other as the gym market became overly crowded very quickly. The question is- how do gyms compete in such crowded markets? Well, let us reveal some of the best gym marketing campaigns and gym advertising ideas you can use starting NOW to generate more clients immediately and win over your local competition!

Gym Marketing Campaigns

First of all understand the fundamental facts! 

Roughly 54% of people look online for a business. Thanks to this digital era of 21st century. It means that half of your potential audience firstly meets your website and social media account before they actually enter the club.

Here's the magic begins, when creating your website aim your gym´s promotional marketing campaigns directly with a link for a quick sign up to get clients in your club quickly and painlessly.

Marketing your fitness club is one of the most important parts of running your business! 

You better have user friendly website which can easily attract clients. Make sure it's easy to navigate, present in search engines and informative. Also boost your level with purchasing a killer app for your business which shows smartness and trust me, people will absolutely love it! They kind of expect treats like this. There´s one little advise left unsaid and that is - post bomb-looking posts on social media. Build the engagement with local audience while recording high quality videos with detailed description of certain exercises and voila you're halfway there.

Gym marketing campaigns such as - Summer Slimdown Facebook Promotions are partly cliche but still amazingly works! Who does not want to get in shape for summer, right?

There are two things that make this campaign work:

  • Has a start date and end date – Clear timeline for the individual to reach their goal. 
  • It’s cyclical – you can do the same promotion every year to attract more new members.

Into the group of the most effective gym advertising ideas absolutely belong - Every Body Happy Ads that show all sorts of people, from young to old, from bodybuilers to your average guy or girl, all happily enjoying their gym sessions together.

In times full of anxiety and insecurity caused mostly by social media you just can not go wrong with campaigns that support realness and embrace every type of body.

Everyone is tired of the same fitness advertisements using photoshopped and million times edited models the next time  serve a bit of realness and your gym campaign will gather nothing but success!

Gym Membership Promotion Ideas

Give out free gym memberships and NOT discounted deals. As soon as you give someone a 75% off discount, you’re going to have a hard time getting them to pay full price. That’s why the free pass is the best. It gives them a chance to try your gym and if they like it, they’ll happily pay full price membership once their promotional offer expires.

We hope you have enjoyed these health club marketing campaigns tricks and

fitness advertising ideas to increase your gym membership sales. Remember, increasing membership of your fitness business should be a a long-term goal. Getting a quick membership boost isn’t the answer. You want a steady for of new members coming in your door, not a “daily deal boost” that will last for a month and then half of them go and disappear. Let us know down below into the comment section what works for your business the most!

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