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Music Manager

We are constantly looking for people who have a great music taste and who are able to find the best workout music across various genres. 

We need someone who is self-motivated, has enough courage in being the one to choose music for thousands of people around the world. Someone who is reliable and able to deliver the best possible music in the world.

You have to know great channels and explore new music releases and find songs that are great for a workout.


- great music taste for energetic music

- be multi-genre, not a specialist in one music genre

- consistently deliver and curate new songs

- self-motivated and able to work remotely

- constantly looking for feedback and improvements


Find and buy new music releases that will be used in our workout playlists.

- buy new music

- prepare the songs for the database (metadata)

- follow the 14 days new music updates rules


- work for a company changing the fitness world

- improve thousands of workouts every day

- work remotely, but be a valuable team member

- multisport card - workout anywhere in the Czech Republic for free

- let's go to the gym together sometime ;)

If you believe this is something you would like to work on, let us know ASAP.

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