Behind the gym
Behind the gym
Behind the gym
Lets try gym radio

Why is the GYM Radio the best choice for every gym


Everyone knows this. Commercial music full of ads playing from the speakers with no focus on visitors experience and bad gym's atmosphere. But that's not what the article is about. We're the GYM Radio and playing boring music is none of our business.

With our mobile apps we're improving workouts to all the gym addicted from 2013. And we have decided to go further - create a unique connection between the visitor <-> music <-> gym. Thankfuly to our 5 years of experience as #1 workout music app we perfectly know what kind of music people like to listen to during their workouts. So we take our music experience and create a new service to make your gym the best one in the city.

New GYM Radio BUSINESS is playing six music streams with properly selected music for every kind of workout activity as Cardio, Fight, Lifting weights, Crossfit, Powerlifting or whatever is possible to do in your gym, we definitely can cover this by our music.

disadvantage: a time the people spent in your gym will increace by 100%

It's proven that people are more likely to become a members, when they associate a great workout experience with your brand, so you have option to use your own motivational quotes and voices directly in the stream. And that's worth it:

"No stress, bench press. Gold's Gym"
"We're closing in the next 20 minutes. Get the maximum of your workout right now. Gold's Gym"
"Reffer a friend and discount on your monthly fee. Gold's Gym"
"The powder doesn't give you gains. The lifting does. And our preworkout gives you lifting, buy at the reception. Gold's Gym".

disadvantage: a count of free weights to use will be going to zero

Many of the gyms are going the right and fair way and this is what we support from the begining. We know that hip-hop can make a cool workout experience to people who doesn't care about explicits, but we also know there are many gyms who wants to be the exemplar for the youngers. For these gyms we specified explicit filter. So no vulgarity will be playing in your holy weightlifting church.

disadvantage: no Rob Bailey in your stream

Music law is term that gyms are afraid of. But you don't have to. The GYM Radio is completely legal and should be used in your gym since now. Unlike Spotify which can be used only by individual (according to Terms of Use) or Youtube which is full of ads. We're also hard working on covering all the law responsibility instead of you, but this service will take some more time to use to make a good deal with the collective administrator of music law owners.

To sum up these information we don't have to calculate too much.

+your own gym brand voices
+your own ads in a music stream
+explicit filter
+fresh updates directly from the visitors
+management over the music

-a time the people will spent in your gym increase by 100%
-a count of free weights to use will be going to zero
-your competition will be working out in your gym

That's the way we do it. So do not hesitate and try the GYM Radio PRO for free right now. No card required, just push the play:

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