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Tento clanek prosim nemazat!!!

Tento clanek prosim nemazat!!!


Tento článek slouží proto aby mohl fungovat front-end. Na webu se zobrazovat nebude proto jej prosím nikdy nemažte.


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Spotify is great, but

Spotify is great, but

We love Spotify. It is the best consumer music app that ever existed. We are using it to find new music literally every day. But there are 5 major gotchas if you are using it at your gym.

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  • Q: Can I use Spotify at my gym?

    No. We love Spotify, but the answer is no, you can’t. Read the Spotify Terms - "personal, non-commercial, entertainment use only." This means it can’t be played in public places such as gyms.

    But don't worry, we have the same workout music and we are hand-picking every song to make sure it really creates the motivational experience. Our playlists often cut through different genres, which is quite unique and motivates everyone. Read more.

  • Q: Are licensing fees included in the price?

    Yes. The public performance fees to collecting societies such as ASCAP are BMI are included for gyms subscribed to our Pro and operating in the U.S. exceptions might apply.

    If you are outside of the U.S., you must acquire a “public performance” right license, with your local collection societies (PRO), in order to use GYM Radio legally. 

    Read more!

  • Q: Do you have an explicit filter?

    Yes, sure thing. Many songs are really motivational, but they might have F**K, B**CH or the N word in the lyrics like Eminem does. If you can't tolerate them, just use the filter. We are always trying to have the clean version but it's not always possible.

  • Q: Do you have a custom Jingles?

    Yes. We will record the audio jingle for your gym if you subscribe to the Pro. All our jingles are recorded in a couple of days by our professional voice-over artiste.

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