Are you currently bulking, shreding or just trying to stay fit? Great. We’re pretty sure, except hitting your macros you’re also trying to hit your pump every single training you do.  No matter if youre shredding or making gainz, the pump is needed regardless what your goal is.

According to Arnold’s words “Pump is better than an orgasm.”, We’re introducing 10 the most pump up songs you can find at GYM Radio.

Skillet – Feel Invincible

Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard – Beast (Southpaw Remix)

Yelawolf – Louder

Hollywood Undead – Hear Me Now

Tech N9ne – The Beast

Eminem – Till I Collapse

Linkin Park – Faint

DMX – X Gon’ Give It To Ya

Avery Watts – A Cut Above

D12 – Fight Music


Want You more?

All these Pump Up songs you can find on our YouTube playlist or tune up our GYM Radio Live for tons of motivation music! And remember – Strong music for the strong body 😉


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